BMD Mandarin Glossary (Level 1-3)

First posted on 10/12/2012

Zaoshang hao! Ni hao ma? Lol budget. Anyway, here is the compilation of Mandarin vocabularies that I compiled throughout my third language studies. I took Mandarin though I never had the chance to speak the language fluently not even near understandable.

This glossary is for those who are taking Mandarin as their third language in UiTM. I don't know about other universities or schools, but I think it is good to share this for everyone to learn.

It comprises three levels from BMD401, BMD451 and BMD501. Those are the course codes, so don't bother much. I suggest that you use this at your own risk. Be it a toyol in your exam or just a collection of dummy notes in your laptop. I did both. Enjoys!

scribd link

PocketMod version:

This is special for you guys, I made a pocketmod version of this glossary list. It is some kind of a small note which you can easily put it inside your pocket and bring it while you're taking shit. Although the font size is small, but don't worry, it is readable for most human eyes. I survived a lot with these kind of notes.

Here is the link (pocketmod ver.):

Here is the guide on how to fold pocketmod doc:


Lastly, if you want the raw version of this document (.doc) for editing and modification, kindly do message me in twitter. Thank you.

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