WhatsAppDox ‒ Anonymous WhatsApp Phone Number Lookup

WhatsAppDox is a tool for looking up WhatsApp users using their phone number. While staying anonymous, you can start a conversation on WhatsApp directly without saving their contact on your mobile device.

The way this thing work is that we utilize API redirection freely provided by WhatsApp itself. You can check the source code of this tool as well.

Why WhatsAppDox?

  • Easy to use interface with country code and optional message input
  • Doesn't store your data (phone number) on my server -- only reroutes to Whatsapp API (/send)
  • Free doxxing service
  • To stalk your ex-gf new phone number, checking out legit seller on ebay, making sure if Laura you've been texting on WeChat is real or fake
  • For whatever reasons you have in mind.

Alternative Services

There are numerous tools freely available out there. But, I always have doubts on how they operate their tool and the UX isn't very friendly to use.

  1. Whas.app
    Too simple, UI/UX could be improved. Could probably store your data.
  2. Wasap.my
    Not open source. Claims to only redirects but obvious data storing occurs when you register with the website.
  3. PMJer
    WhatsApp phone number directory for business purpose. Obvious data storing.


Source code: https://github.com/aimanbaharum/whatsapp-dox
Website: https://aimanbaharum.com/whatsapp-dox/

Easier, safer method

Just add wa.me/ in front of any numbers and it will create a link that directly opens WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. wa.me is a legit domain by WhatsApp the company as it appears on its docs.

So, why this website? 🤷

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