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My favorite picks on crypto communities on Telegram and the interwebs.

Updated on: 03/12/2019, 2:02:42 am


Telegram groups and channels

Latest crypto news & market insights

Best crypto gif for the memers

Decent crypto gossips community centre

Whalepool but advanced traders

Whalepool but global stocks and forex

Whalepool but shitcoin

Moe's trading idea channel

Ochados' trading idea channel

Filbfilb's trading idea channel

High value of liquidation and orders on XBTUSD market

A bot to grab data from crypto exchanges

Forwarded messages of rekt plebs of crypto

Bursa stock TradingView ideas

Also the same

Bursa stock trading insights

Global news for business and finance

Browser bookmarks

Stock trading tools

Crypto trading tools,24h

Too lazy to put titles on those URLs.

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