Social Media Detox

Refraining yourself from accessing social media in a day would slightly impact your life for a day. Imagine a month, who would you become? To see a change is difficult. Keeping a habit consistent is even harder. Train yourself to control your life with your own willpower.

In a wired world, there's so much pressure coming from the media & society to act & behave in certain ways, to conform with their ideologies. I have deep respect for people like you who doesn't let society or media dictate how they should live their lives.

someone who's concern about humanity


  1. Choose a range of days
  2. Refrain yourself from any social media for good*
  3. #BecomeAMonk

* Use an app like Rewire (Android) or Way of Life (iOS) to track your days

Monk Levels

  1. 10 days - Novice
  2. 30 days - Rassophore
  3. 60 days - Stavrophore
  4. 100 days - Great Schema

Join Us!

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The Detox Log


Why Instagram?

We chose Instagram because the fact that it being the most popular social photo sharing platform, it can affect your psychology in a negative way4, and it also wastes bandwidth. Harsh truth, isn't it?

But, I have a high self-esteem

Yes you do. So does everyone else. This campaign is for those who wants to explore the way of life without social media.

But, I still can control my life

Nope. The very fact that you own your life 100% isn't necessarily correct because you live in a society. Your life is somehow controlled by someone's thoughts, ideas or even their movements etc. #NoInstagram is how you control these desires to not have what others had got, instead get what you really want in your life; explore other possibilites.

I get inspiration from there. Why would I stop it?

The question is, did you really do it?

Can it be other than Instagram?

Of course it can. In fact, it is applicable to all kind of habits you do everyday ☺

Is there any other than #NoInstagram?

Yes. Check out our list here to see more projects.

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